Due to the nature of any integration problem you need a multi faceted approach covering several disciplines like management, communications, technical skills, negotiating skills, selling skills and experience to solve most problems.  It also helps your technical skill if you understand asynchronous communications, object orientation, integration basics, SOA and a few end point systems like databases, SAP, BAAN, home written systems and communication technologies.

Do you have any of the following problems?  If yes, maybe my skill can help you to solve your problem.

Technical problems

  1. Technical problems with WebSphere MQ or WebSphere Message Broker.
  2. MQ or Message Broker not behaving the way you expect it to behave.
  3. Problems integrating SAP with other back end systems.
  4. Not utilizing the full power of basic systems like WebSphere MQ.

Communication problems

  1. Verbalize the importance of integration.
  2. Problems communicating integration strategy.

Design problems

  1. Problems architecting a complex integration solution.
  2. Difficulty creating an integration framework.

Quality problems

  1. Need a Quality Assurance report on design, installation or coding?
  2. Do you need to implement best practise?


  1. Not enough skilled people.
  2. Training out of date.

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