The web page cut out below shows the result of monitoring endpoint systems.

At the top of the screen it shows four sections, the “Integration Status” section is green, “Queue Depths” and “Transaction Status” are Orange and the “Comments” section is red.  Behind the scenes a message flow in the broker is sending a “ping” message to all the endpoint systems.  Depending on the system, but the message can be an MQ message, a web services call, a HTTP call, a call to a database stored procedure or a call via the SAP adapter.  Depending on the result/answer returned the status message will be updated.

The screen also shows last successfull ping, last time of error and error reason.

The example below shows the “Transaction” status.

Every time a transaction flows through the system some basic information is forwarded to a holding area.  Thsi screen shows the transaction name, last time the transaction was executed, nunmber of transactions as well as error information.  As an early warning system this screen also turns orange if transactions are expected at a certain time but nothing has happened yet.

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